Maria Tinder Hookups Vol 7

  • May 11, 2018
  • 29:14
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  • tinder hookups vol 7: for a long time, i have fantasised about playing with strangers but have never had the courage or means to actually make it happen. well thanks to a few [***] and the amazing app tinder, i am able to find horny local strangers and make them cum. this is real. this is 100% authentic. this is a complete stranger that i have never met before. there is no acting in this completely unscripted video. in volume 7, i was starting to get seriously eager for a different cock. it had been 3 months since my last encounter, which is far to long for me. it was not for lack of trying, we had been out on the town most weekends, trying to find some victims, but we always failed and i was getting desperate. luckily, i had been busy matching guys from tinder during that time, so i decided to send out several messages simply asking if anyone wants to come over to party. to be honest, after 3 months of trying and failing i didn’t have much hope. that was until one tinder stranger replied saying he’s with a friend in town and will come over straight away! josh and i jump into gear and start getting ready to entertain. at this point, i remember nothing about the guy – when we had matched, whether he knew i made videos, whether he knew i had a boyfriend… nothing. but it was our only hope for some fun, so we went with it, knowing that if we fail again, we can always go to town with them afterwards. of course, once men enter our house, we can never fail. it felt like only minutes before i had my tits out while all three guys perve over me and compliment them. [***] started to flow and the classic truth or dare began – why had we never thought of this game before. after a few truths and a couple of naughty dares aimed at me, i decided to give a dare to one of the strangers. i had the perfect one saved up… “put your dick in my mouth for 2 seconds”. he agreed and surprised me by already being rock hard. what was meant to be a 2 second suck ended up being several minutes. before i knew it, i was licking his balls and asking him to cum on me. the guys slightly more shy friend was sat right next to us and although he loved perving over my body, i got the impression he was to shy to join in, so i decide to take josh and the horny stranger to the bedroom, where all sorts of mischief began… followed by an almighty facial that rivals any i’ve had before
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