Princess Daddys Sweet Treat

  • December 14, 2017
  • 10:45
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  • Your favorite little girl has something special planned for Daddy this Valentine’s Day. Before Daddy gets home I set my bed up all cute with roses and glittery hearts, hang a banner, and strip down, wearing nothing but a pair of pink heart pasties. Unfortunately Daddy knows my biggest weakness is sweets and while waiting for you to come home, the temptation becomes too great. I end up snacking on some of the special Valentine’s Day candy Daddy got me and ruining the special day I had planned for us. Daddy comes home and catches me, of course (Daddy always catches his little girl when she’s being naughty). He decides that my punishment should be making me play with the special Valentines Day toy he got for me–but he’s not going to help AT ALL. He knows how much it drives me wild to have him watch me play with my tight little pussy, how badly I want it to be him using the toy on me instead. True to his word, Daddy doesn’t help me play but I get deliciously creamy having him watch me, anyways. I cum really hard for Daddy, hoping and praying this was just the very beginning of our Valentines Day together. I’m so excited to share this video with you guys! In terms of quality of content, I feel this is by far my best Bambie Production so far!!!!! In terms of roleplay/story development, not so much. My main focus in this video was creating something visually appealing and developing my skills with my camera so I would not consider this the best Bambie roleplay video on the face of the earth. It’s not bad, I’m just not especially verbose in this video as I was more focused on other aspects of the video. I had a lot more in mind for this video but my battery died and by the time I finish all of my roleplaying my videos always end up 20+ minutes long LOL.
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